March 15, 2018

Download PDF by W. Larry Richards: 2 Corinthians: God's way is the best way

By W. Larry Richards

ISBN-10: 081631652X

ISBN-13: 9780816316526

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6. Because Paul continually refers to the ministry of Moses as he makes the case for his own credentials, his own letter of recommendation, it is fair to assume that the "super-apostles" were making bold claims not only about their "letters of recommendation" but were also ref~rring to themselves as the true expositors of Moses. Or, perhaps their letters ofrecommendation may have included some comment about their relationship to Moses. ) and his comments on what constitutes a true recommendation.

This comment is probably designed to soften the apparent negative reaction of the Corinthians toward Paul for his failure to visit them as he had promised (vss. 14-16; 1 Car. 16:5-7). Later, when Paul discusses his response to their favorable reaction to his "sorrowful" letter, we detect the importance of Paul's expression of confidence, for in this later reference he also expresses his confidence in them (2 Cor. 7:4). We need to ask at this point in Paul's letter: What was the precise sequence of events, and why did the events unfold in this way?

Paul wrote what we know as 1 Corinthians as a response to the reports given to him, and in this letter he stated that he would "visit" the church and decisively show that the troublemakers were all hot air; that they were, in his judgment, good with words, but that is as far as it went-they really had no power (1 Car. 4: 19). Paul made, then, his second visit, as promised (2 Cor. 2:1). That visit, though, turned out to be one of the most disappointing, even discouraging, events in Paul's ministry, for upon his arrival in Corinth for this second visit, he discovered that his opponents, the "super-apostles" (11:5), were far more powerful than he had ever imagined.

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2 Corinthians: God's way is the best way by W. Larry Richards

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