March 15, 2018

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Lamentations by R. B. Salters PDF

By R. B. Salters

ISBN-10: 0567576515

ISBN-13: 9780567576514

For over 100 years overseas serious Commentaries have had a different position between works in English at the Bible. they've got sought to compile all of the proper aids to exegesis, linguistic and textual a minimum of archaeological, historic, literary and theological, to assist the reader comprehend the that means of the books of the outdated and New Testaments.

The new commentaries proceed this custom. New proof now on hand, in addition to new tools of analysis, could be included within the convinced expectation that there'll be an excellent larger desire for such commentaries within the twenty-first century than there was within the past.

No test has been made to safe a uniform theological or serious method of the biblical textual content: individuals were invited for his or her scholarly contrast, now not for his or her adherence to anyone college of proposal. it really is was hoping that the recent volumes will reach the excessive criteria in their predecessors and give a contribution considerably to the certainty of the books of the Bible.

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This commemoration demanded the special powers of the Poet Laureate, as it were (Salters 2000, 298). 35 Mesopotamian Links The argument that Lamentations is related to the city lament literature of Mesopotamia is a difficult one to control, and scholars are very much divided on the matter. From the 1950s onwards there has been great interest in establishing connections between the literature of Mesopotamia and Alluding to Pss 46, 48, 50, 76, 84, 87 and 122, which she terms ‘odes to Zion’, Berlin suggests that Ps 137 ‘transforms the Zion song into the Jerusalem lament, or, more properly, in Ps 137 we see the demise of the Zion songs and the birth of Jerusalem laments.

G. Gottwald (28-30), Rudolph (1962, 196-99) and House (303)—still hold to the view that only one author was involved. 25 Salters (2001, especially 108-10). It is difficult to imagine why someone, having finished a sophisticated alphabetic acrostic poem concerning the aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem, would begin again and pen another alphabetic acrostic on the same theme! One might just, perhaps, accept the possibility that the author of one of the poems 1 to 4 could have supplemented it with the more prayerful fifth poem.

Finally, if we abandon Jeremian authorship, we might ask why we should think in terms of a single author for a collection of poems which make no claims as regards authorship. If the book of Psalms, once thought to be the work of David, can be thought of as a collection of poems by various writers, why not the collection we call Lamentations? Date and Place of Composition While Jeremiah was considered to be the author of Lamentations, there was little or no debate as to the date of the poems—they had been written shortly after Jerusalem’s fall (cf.

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