March 15, 2018

Download e-book for iPad: A Strad model 'cello : plans by Harry Sebastian Wake

By Harry Sebastian Wake

ISBN-10: 0960704841

ISBN-13: 9780960704842

A suite of 7 full-scale operating drawings (11x40 fold-outs) for a violoncello and the mildew on which it really is equipped. including plans (six 11x17 fold-outs) for a collapsible go back and forth 'cello. The books via H. S. Wake are specified in that they offer own "over-the-shoulder" advice and whole scale plans for making and taking care of tools within the violin relations. they're effectively used across the world. All books are spiral-bound softcovers made to stick open flat at the table or workbench. H.S. Wake's bestselling books contain: "To Make a Double Bass", "A Strad version 'Cello Plans", "Viola Making Plans", beginner mess around Makers Q and A", Violin Bow Rehair and Repair", "A Luthier's Scrap Book", and, "The means of Violin Making"

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A Strad model 'cello : plans by Harry Sebastian Wake

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