March 16, 2018

Action Plan for the Conservation of Wolves in Europe - download pdf or read online

By Luigi Boitani, Council of Europe

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2 The Group of Experts identifies all current and potential connection areas. Through this process, wolf recovery and management will be linked to the overall planning for the restoration of European ecosystems. 3 Each area (or group of areas at regional, national or sub-national level) is provided with a detailed Management Plan (National or Regional) drafted by national authorities in co-ordination with neighbouring countries. 4 The national and local public is involved in the process of area identification and drafting of the preliminary Management Plans.

To try to distinguish wolf and dog damages is considered a waste of time by several wolf specialists. The present knowledge only allows us to give a level of probability on the responsibility of wolves or of dogs, and certainty will rarely be attained. Although giving a probability estimate requires long experience and practice, it is however necessary to have a minimum number of trained people able to work as experts. b. In areas where a protected wolf population is present, it appears necessary to pay all canid damages (including those which are doubtful).

They have been selected over centuries to remain and live within flocks without disturbing them and to keep wolves and bear away. They are extremely attentive and bark whenever an intruder shows up. D. promotion should be undertaken including: . D. (highlight the difference with herding dogs). D. allowing an information exchange and also the possibility to obtain pups already imprinted on sheep, which are needed in areas where this technique has been lost. D. more efficient. D. in areas where new populations of wolves cause problem to farmers.

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Action Plan for the Conservation of Wolves in Europe by Luigi Boitani, Council of Europe

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