March 14, 2018

Advances in lipid research. Vol. 15 - download pdf or read online

By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 0120249154

ISBN-13: 9780120249152

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Enough evidence has accumulated suggesting that the binding of an antigen to its specific antibody on the surface of lymphocytes can cross-link the receptors in the membrane and drag them to one pole of the cell. Indeed, a large number of observations suggest that the lateral motion of components within the plane of biomembrane may play a significant role in a variety of membrane-mediated biological (see Singer, 1974, for a review) and biochemical processes (Strittmatter et al, 1972; Rogers and Strittmatter, 1975).

This technique depends upon the capacity of cells to lyse and form flattened regions of membrane that are thin enough to be examined without embedding and sectioning. Since the labeling of receptor sites on the cell surfaces takes place after the cells have been spread on hypotonie medium and then partially dried on coated grids, the question can be raised whether rearrangements might take place in the membrane during one of these steps. To the best of our knowledge, this possibility has not been excluded.

There is Long-Range Order in Biomembranes 29 considerable evidence that many (if not most) molecules are distributed nonrandomly in membranes and that most of the lipid molecules may experience a much more constrained environment than implied by the fluid mosaic model. It is very likely that some clustering of lipid species may occur within the bilayer. Indeed, pulse-labeled radioautographic studies of exponentially growing Bacillus megaterium cells using labeled palmitic acid show a highly nonuniform distribution of radioactive phospholipids (Morrison and Morowitz, 1970).

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Advances in lipid research. Vol. 15 by Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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