March 14, 2018

Download e-book for kindle: Advances in protein chemistry Volume 2 by M. L.; Edsall, John T. (Eds) Anson

By M. L.; Edsall, John T. (Eds) Anson

ISBN-10: 0120342022

ISBN-13: 9780120342020

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Multi-compartment cells have been used by several workers (297-300). Williams and Waterman (301) desired to maintain a multi-compartment apparatus with a gradient of pH along its length, and hoped that any ampholyte would be found at the conclusion of a run in the compartment with pH nearest to the isoelectric point of the ampholyte. Ions and ampholytes were indeed found more or less in the expected place, but by no means sharply confined to the appropriate compartment. Since, however, the maintenance of the range of pH's was the result of diffusion and convection of acid back from the anode compartment and alkali back from the cathode compartment, the main drop of potential occurred acrom the compartment most denuded of ions, with the result that the gradient w w small across other compartments.

J. P. MARTIN AND R. L. &I. 4. Two dimensional chromatogram of a wool hydrolyzate First run with collidinc. Second run with henol. Quantity of protein used: 300 rg. The proline spot is a strong yellow color, gut does not show well in thc photograph. spots has not yet been found, but by a suitable choice of solvents any desired amino acid may be so obtained. Collidine, phenol, n-butanol and brnzyl alcohol are among the most useful solvents. The quantity of material required is remarkably small. 4 mg.

Tryptophan amino-N cannot, however, be determined under these conditions. Schmidt (420) has studied the reaction of HNOa with amino acids giving anomalous values, by allowing the reaction to proceed a t 45". Kendrick and Hanke (418) give data on the evolution of CO, during the reaction. The behavior of ammonia (420a), w-amino acids (421, 422), arginine and related compounds (419, 423, 424)) uramino acids, etc. (425), lysine and intact proteins (424, 426) has also been studied. Carter and Dickman (427) report positive reaction from a number of non-nitrogenous compounds.

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Advances in protein chemistry Volume 2 by M. L.; Edsall, John T. (Eds) Anson

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