March 15, 2018

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By Valerie Adams

ISBN-10: 0582550424

ISBN-13: 9780582550421

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As we said, the Lambek calculus is the logic for merging two expressions into a new one; dually the Dual Lambek calculus is the logic for merging contexts into a new one. Hence, we will call the new relation Mergec. (63) If c3 Œ B, then c3 Œ A ÿ (A ¼ B), since B Ĉ A ÿ (A ¼ B); then, by definition of ÿ, for all contexts c1, c2 if Mergec(c1, c2, c3), viz. c3 is the context resulting by the merge of the contexts c1 and c2, then c1 Œ A or c2 Œ A ¼ B . A context c2 belongs to a co-function category A ¼ B if there are two contexts c1 and c3 such that Mergec(c1, c2, c3), c1 ∉A and c3 Œ B.

S3 ³ s4 (92) s6 s6 s1 Ĉ s3 If Alex [thinks [everyone left]] Alex [thinks [dp left]] In the second reading of the sentence, the syntactic and semantic domain of thinks coincides: it takes scope over the structure it c-commands/dominates, hence also on the quantifier. Proof theoretically this means that its s-value (s1) is linked to the goal formula (s6), and its s-argument (s2) is reached by the quantifier s-argument (s4). The application of the function thinks to the expression everyone left reduces the problem of verifying that the full structure is of category s6 to two simpler problems: verifying that [everyone left] is s2 and the subject dp1 composed with the verb phrase category dp1\s1 is of category s6.

56) sval1 Ĉ sgoal OP1: sval1/sarg1 OP2: sval2/sarg2 sval2 Ĉ sgoal sval2 Ĉ sarg1 OP2: sval2/sarg2 s Ĉ sarg2 dp2. dp1 OP1: sval1/sarg1 sval1 Ĉ sarg2 s Ĉ sarg1 dp2. dp1 The trees are consistent with the standard idea that the later a quantifier is introduced in the semantic structure the wider its scope. In Section 4, we discuss the formal properties that characterize the function sval/sarg and its connection with the dp component as well as the composition relation holding between it and the structure over which it takes scope.

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