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By Michael Anderson

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His old soldiers rallied to Octavian, Antony and Cleopatra, G. Lerouisse. The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images 44 World Domination TK 45 Ancient Rome Caesar’s son by adoption and now his heir. The youth also won the support of the Senate. Mark Antony and Lepidus, his chief rivals, were forced to come to terms with him. Together they formed the Second Triumvirate. At Philippi, in 42 bc, they defeated the republican army, headed by Brutus and Cassius. Lepidus was later stripped of his power. Antony and Octavian then divided the Roman world between them, with Octavian supreme in Italy and the West.

Even the most remote lands were ransacked to supply the wealthy Roman citizens with luxuries and delicacies. Art and letters were prized and fostered. In this era, however, there were signs that the national character was decaying. The fundamental seriousness (gravitas) which had characterized the conduct of ancient Romans was gone. The old reverence 49 Ancient Rome for the family, the state, and the gods was gone as well. Prosperity had brought corruption with it. In place of Brutus offering up his sons on the altar of duty to the state, there was Nero murdering his mother and his wife at the prompting of Poppaea.

In place of Brutus offering up his sons on the altar of duty to the state, there was Nero murdering his mother and his wife at the prompting of Poppaea. The passion for a life of luxurious ease existed in all classes. The rich amused themselves by giving splendid feasts. The poor had their panem et circenses—that is, free bread and free shows. Slave labor had degraded the once sturdy peasantry to the status of serfs or beggars. The middle class, which once had been the backbone of the nation, had almost disappeared.

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