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Depending on your driving habits and the condition of your vehicle, you may need to have your wheels re-aligned. Properly aligned wheels will point the vehicle straight. However, over the course of time, your vehicle may become misaligned on its own. Potholes and hitting curbs are just a few contributing factors to throw wheels out of alignment.

Does your car drift to either the left or the right when driving? Are your tires wearing out prematurely? If so, your wheels may be out of alignment. There are a few disadvantages to misaligned wheels such as increased expenses associated with frequent tire replacements, decreased fuel efficiency, and reduced handling.

Dependable Wheel Alignment Services

When your wheels need an alignment, we at Welltech Motors are here to fix the problem. Our team of qualified technicians are wheel alignment experts. For more than 15 years, we have been providing wheel alignments for residents in the Surat area.

We use the latest wheel alignment machines and wheel alignment tools to ensure the proper four-wheel alignments.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality customer service. Our personal attention is unmatched by other repair shops. We take the time to listen to our customers and educate them on vehicle issues and repairs – all without any pressure.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best.


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners in Tucson. We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change. We can handle any problem on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

  • We make auto repair more convenient for you
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of car services
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • How much does a tire alignment cost?

    Alignment is the process of adjusting the suspension of your vehicle; while it’s sometimes called a tire or wheel alignment, it’s actually an alignment of the system that connects those wheels to the rest of the car. This is an important preventative maintenance step, and the cost can vary depending on the vehicle you’re driving. Reach out to Welltech Motors to schedule an appointment and get a specific quote for your vehicle

  • What do tire sizes mean?

    Tire sizes actually provide you with a wealth of information—including the maximum speed at which your tires are safe; the maximum carrying capacity of those tires; and the size of your tires, including height and width. A Welltech service technician can tell you more about the specific sizing of your tires. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

  • How do I keep track of routine?

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