Body Repair & Paint

Body Repair & Paint

We provide premium painting services across all types and categories of cars available in the market. It could be a panel of your new car, a complete outer body paint job for a decently aged vehicle, a custom color paint job of your choice or maybe even a hardcore restoration of your family’s car; we are here to help you out. Our experienced staff puts utmost attention in bringing out the best possible finish on your car’s paint. We diligently follow all required protocols and focus on delivering an exceptional experience that you probably might not have had at body-shop before.

Choose from a range of Body, Wheel, Glasses, Plastic trim coatings and Paint protection films after the Paint job, here at Welltech Motors.

We provide world class professional car denting and painting services. Our team of professional dentures  and mechanics ensure that the car is back in original shape and look despite the extent of damage.

  • Full Dent Removal And Car Paint
  • Car Dent Repair
  • Car Spray Paint
  • Car Bumper Repair
  • Full Car Paint or Car Re-painting

Benefits of Using Welltech Motors Car Dent Paint Services

1. Discounted Cost of Denting Painting
Our Denting and Painting Prices as At-least 35% Lower Compared to Your Authorized Service Center with Exactly Same or May Be Better Quality.
2. Quick Estimate for the Dents on Your Car
Just Send Us Few Images of the Dent Damages or Scratches of Your Car, and Our Team Will Quickly Provide You up with the Estimate. It’s Just That Easy.
3. 100% Paint Match Guarantee
We Use All Genuine Paints and Hence Assure You with Paint Match Guarantee. Pay Only after Full Satisfaction of Car Paint Match.
We Are Satisfying Our Clients with Quality Service and Expertise. All Repairs Are Completed with High Level of Excellence and Superior Workmanship That Only Comes from Years of Experience in the Auto Body Repair Industry.

Body Repair & Paint

Unfortunately, Accidents Happen That Can Cause Damage To The Car In Terms Of Paint Damage And Dent. Paint Scratches And Dents Shows Detract From The Appearance Of Your Car.

Welltech Motors Specialises In Car Dent Repair And Car Painting Services For All Cars And Brands. Whether You Need To Fix A Small Scratch Or A Huge Dent On Your Car, Our Expert Mechanics Can Help You With All Car Body Repair Services.

Our End To End Denting And Painting Solutions Include Car Scratch Repair, Car Paint Repair, Car Bumper Repair And More. Welltech Has Trained Technicians And Latest Equipment To Restore Your Paint That Retains The Original Look & Feel With High Quality And Cost Effective Technology. Also Welltech Has Tie Ups With All Major Insurance Companies To Provide Cashless Facility For Denting And Painting Services.


Once the car is in the workshop, the advisors inspects the car thoroughly and confirms the scope of damage and repair work. In the case of excessive damages, the advisor needs to inspect the panel carefully to confirm whether the panel can be repaired or not and what is the procedure necessary to repair said panel. He also confirms whether the inner panels require repairs. Inner panels aren’t visible without dismantling other panels.

Dent Removal 

Dents are removed by employing a variety of methods. The most commonly used tool to remove dents is a dent puller. The technician uses the dent puller by welding its tip to the body of the car and pulling on the dented portion of metal such that it retracts, as close as possible, to its original shape. Once the majority of the shape is restored, the technician employs other methods of tinkering such as tapping, grinding and hammering to restore the shape as much as possible to the original. Grinding is done to remove the welds caused as a result of using the dent puller.

Body filler

The painter applies metal body filler to the tinkered portions of the car. This process requires patience and precision. It’s by this process that the painter restores maximum shape to the panel. He smoothens the surface multiple times to bring it as close to the original shape as possible. Afterwards, the painter allows the body filler to cure for a couple of hours. This is by far one of the most critical phases of dent removal since the finish of the paintwork is dependent on the surface finish of the body filler. If there is any irregularity or inconsistency in the surface preparation, it could result in blistering or pinholes occurring after painting.

Surfacer / Primer

The painter inspects the tinkered surface one last time to ensure that the body filler is cured and there aren’t any pinholes or irregularities in the surface finish. He then sprays surfacer which forms the base layer upon which the paint will be applied. The execution of this stage is crucial to the overall paint appearance once the panel has been completely painted. The surfacer requires additional time to cure after which the painter inspects it before the next step, i.e. painting.


Once he’s convinced with the inspection, the painter drives the car into the paint booth. To get the desired color shade of the car, the painter first looks up the paint code of the said car. Each shade of car has its own unique paint code. The deduction of this code tells the painter exactly in what proportions different colors and other compounds like thinner etc. need to be mixed to obtain the desired shade. Once the paint is prepared, the painter pours it into the spray gun bottle, connects it to the spray gun and sprays paint on the respective body panels. Painting is an extremely skilled process, as you must be well aware of. Holding the spray gun at a safe distance from the panel, the painter moves his hands steadily across the surface of the panel, spraying paint. 2 layers of paint is applied to the surface. The car is then left in the paint booth and the heaters in the booth are turned on so that the paint can bake and cure properly. Once the paint is cured, the painter applies a final layer called the Clear Coat to the surface of the panel. This coat is what gives the panel a good glossy finish

Dulling and Polishing

Once the car is out of the paint booth, it is parked in the polishing/detailing bay. Here, the polishing team use wet sandpaper and gently rub on the surface of the panel until the paint is dulled. After the paint is “dulled” the polishing team uses a rotary polishing machine and polishes the “dulled” surface until the brightness of the painted panel matches the rest of the car. This ensures continuity in the finish and the customer will never know that his/her car was painted.

–Its apparent from the steps explained above that painting is not only a complicated process but also one that requires a fair amount of skill. It is for this reason that body repairs and painting is a slightly expensive service albeit a necessary one that restores your car to its original beauty. Let’s face it, a dent free car is virtually non-existent.

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