Tyre & Battery

Tyre & Batteries

We are committed to maintaining the functionality of your car and ensure your safety while on the road. Our services include: 

Do I need a car battery replacement?
If you’ve been experiencing battery problems, we can give you a free battery test that will let you know if it holds a charge or if you need a new car battery. If you end up needing a replacement, Auto Expert will recycle your old car battery to reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Car battery diagnostic
  • Car battery replacement
  • Car battery terminal cleaning
  • Battery terminal replacement
  • Wiring inspection and repair
  • Alternator testing and replacement

Brands We Serve

Why Opt for Tyre and Battery Replacement at Welltech

  • Regular Tyre Maintenance Such as Rotation, Alignment at the Welltech.
  • Instant Report for Your Battery Check.
  • Regular Tyre Tread Depth Measurement Check.
  • Latest Equipment to Make Sure Your Tyres Are Installed Perfectly and Maintained Well.
  • More Brand Options Available.
  • Get Your Batteries Charged, Repaired or Even Replaced.
Tyre Inspection

Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Your Tyres Will Help Prolong Their Lifespan. The Condition of Your Tyre Tread Is One Indicator of Your Vehicle’s Health. Regular Checks of All Four Tyres Can Help Diagnose Potential Problems That May Require Professional Intervention. Inspect Your Tyres at Least Once a Month, as Well as Before and after Long Journeys.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Should Be Done after Every 5,000 Kms. Or Whenever Any Irregular Wear on Tyre Is Found.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing Allows the Tires and Wheels to Spin Without Causing Any Vibrations. This Is Recommended for Better Ride, Handling and Safety. Balance the Wheel Assembly Whenever Vibrations Are Felt During Running.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation Every 5000 Kms. Rotating Your Tyres Helps

How Exactly Does a Car Battery Work?

The Car Battery Provides the Jolt of Electricity Necessary to Power All the Electrical Components in Your Vehicle. Talk about a Pretty Huge Responsibility. Without Battery Power, Your Car, as You’ve Probably Noticed, Won’t Start.

Let’s Take a Look at How That Powerful Little Box Works:

  • A Chemical Reaction Puts Your Car in Action: Your Battery Converts Chemical Energy into the Electrical Energy Necessary to Power Your Car, Delivering Voltage to the Starter.
  • Keep the Electric Current Steady: Not Only Does Your Battery Provide the Energy Required to Start Your Car, It’s Also Stabilizing the Voltage (That’s the Term for the Energy Supply) in Order to Keep Your Engine Running. A Lot’s Riding on the Battery. Call It the ‘little Box That Could.
Are There Any Warning Signs That May Indicate My Battery Is on the Fritz?
  • Slow Engine Crank:
  • Check Engine Light:
  • Low Battery Fluid Level:
  • The Swelling, Bloating Battery Case:
  • Three Years + Battery Age Is Considered an Old Timer:
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