Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Getting your brand new car painted just because of a small accident could be a hassle. Claiming insurance and getting the right quality paint job is what worries most of the people. We offer cashless insurance claims with almost all available companies in the market, which means, you can easily drop of your car at Welltech Motors and let us take care of the rest. We handle insurance claims with just as much attention and honesty as we handle our custom paint jobs. We promise Grade-A material application and the best possible finish your car.

The key benefit of having a cashless claim facility is relief from stress, since the insurer directly handles the expenses. Besides the essential deductibles, he remains hassle-free regarding the settlement of expenses for the car damage. The cashless claim facility for car insurance is a boon for policyholders. It may not be possible to have cash on hand always.

We have Cashless Tie-Up with all major Insurance Companies:

What Is a Cashless Motor Insurance Policy All About?

The Person Who Has a Cashless Car Insurance Policy Can Get Their Vehicle Repaired at Welltech Motors Without Paying a Single Rupee. The Invoice of Repairs Is Sent to the Insurance Company and the Reimbursement Is Made According to the Cashless Car Insurance​ Policy. It Is Really Fast, Easy and Hassle Free. In Order to Claim a Cashless Motor Insurance Policy, You Just Have to Follow a Few Steps.

How to Claim for Cashless Facility?

If Your Car Is Damaged or Meets with an Accident, Make Sure That You Inform Us about the Incident in Detail. Secondly, You Must Visit the Welltech for the Inspection of Your Damaged Car. Besides Handing over Your Car Keys, You Must Also Inform Us about Your Insurance Policy in Order to Take Things Forward in a Proper Way. ​​

How Does Cashless Car Insurance Policy Work​?

Most Insurance Companies Have Tie-ups with Welltech Motors. As per the Policy, We Repair Your Vehicle Depending on Your Cover and Sends the Bill to the Insurance Company. After Thorough Verification, the Insurance Company Makes the Payment to Us for Repairing Your Car. However, There Are Certain Parts Which Are Not Covered under the Cashless Car Insurance Policy. You Must Check Which Parts Are Covered and If Some Parts Which Are Not Covered Get Damaged, Then You Are Liable to Pay for Their Repairs. When Looking to Buy Car Insurance, You Should Ideally Select an Insurance Provider That Offers Cashless Car Insurance Facility. When You Buy Such a Policy, You Can Avail Repair Services for Your Vehicle with Us. You Also Need Not Pay for the Repairs Upfront, Making It a Win-win Situation Altogether!
Here Are the Steps Involved in Availing Services at Welltech Motors: The Customer Purchases a Car Insurance Policy from Us Because We Have Cashless Tie-ups with Most of the Insurance Companies. If the Insured Vehicle Meets with an Accident, the Policyholder Can Choose to Get It Repaired with Us. After the Repairs Are Completed, the Insurance Company Pays the Service Center Directly for the Work Done. Customer Will Only Have to Pay for the Depreciation of Replaced Car Parts and the Deductibles. This Will Be a Minimal Amount in Comparison to the Total Cost of Repair.

What Is a Deductible in Car Insurance?

Deductible Is Another Part of the Claim Amount That the Policyholder Bears at the Time of a Cashless Claim Settlement. In Car Insurance, Deductibles Are of Two Types:

Compulsory Deductible – This Is a Fixed Value Based on the Type of Vehicle and Its Engine Capacity. The Standard Guidelines on Charging the Compulsory Deductible Are Set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irda). The Current Rates for Private Cars Are As Follows:

Engine Capacity Compulsory Deductible Amount
Up to 1,500 Cc Rs.1,000
Above 1,500 Cc Rs.2,000

The Insurance Company May Charge a Higher Value for Compulsory Deductible If the Car Is Very Old. It Should Be Noted That the Compulsory Deductible Component Does Not Have Any Impact on the Motor Insurance Premium.

Voluntary Deductible

This Is an Optional Amount Chosen by the Customer at the Time of Policy Purchase. If the Customer Has Selected a High Voluntary Deductible Value, His/Her Car Insurance Premium Will Come Down. However, He/She Will Be Required to Pay That Amount at the Unsettling Time of a Claim. So, If You Are a Confident Driver on the Roads Who Does Not Raise Frequent Claims, It Makes Sense to Opt for a High Voluntary Deductible Value and save on Premiums.

Getting Your Car Painted/Repaired Just Because of an Accident Could Be a Hassle. Claiming Insurance and Getting the Right Quality Paint & Parts Is What Worries for Most of the People. We Offer Cashless Insurance Claims with Almost All Major Companies in the Market, You Can Easily Drop of Your Car at Our Workshop and Let Us Take Care of That. We Use Oem/Oes Spare Parts and the Best Possible Finish Your Car.

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