Old Car Sale & Purchase

Old Car Sale & Purchase

Buying a used car is still considered to be a gamble for a lot of buyers. The sole reason behind this is the lack of assurance and responsibility taken from the seller’s end. One might find a fancy looking car which looks good on the outside as well on the inside, but the moment you purchase it and drive for a couple of months or may be less, it might show you its troubled face with more than often visits to the garage. So don’t worry & do visit us find multiple options for you.

Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

  • Affordability
  • Lower Depreciation Rate
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • They Are Warranted
  • Great Quality Cars

The Perfect Pre-owned Car For You

  • Quality Promise
  • Financing!
  • Convenience, Delivered To You
  • More Options Available
  • Perfect Condition of Used Cars

Now let’s get to what you have to keep in mind when buying a second hand car.

Check the car’s condition

Despite being a used car, the vehicle you are considering should be in good running condition, and must be good value for money. Take the vehicle for a test drive and get all major systems such as engine, cooling, transmission, wheels, etc. checked by a trusted mechanic. These checks will help you ascertain whether the car is as well-maintained as the s ..

Registration documents

Is the seller the real owner of the car? Is this the first or the second time it is being resold? The Owner Serial Number in the RC book or smart card indicates the number of times the car has been sold till date. Has the owner paid all dues, including road tax? Ensure the seller provides you with other papers that need to be verified, including the original invoice, NOC from the car loan provider, and road tax receipt.

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